Beau is a  Missouri Fox Trotter gelding from Calgary, Alberta. He is a character and so much fun to ride!  He is very attached to his stable mate Cisco, who is a quarter horse paint gelding from Colorado. Cisco isn't phased by much, and was used as a therapy horse for handicapped riders. He has the smoothest trot, and is a pleasure to ride! Both Beau and Cisco love attention and affection....carrots and apples too!

Trooper Marty "Marty"

16.3h Quarter Horse gelding that enjoys being pet softly on the forehead, conversations, long trail rides, and rounding up the farm's cattle.  A buckskin beauty, Ransom lives to work and is impressive to watch in action.

King James "Ransom"

16h Tennessee Walker gelding who is a puppy dog in a horses body.  Marty loves kisses, cats, children, and to playfully pester people.  He is known as "the little brother" due to his continual playful demeanor. Smooth on the trails, he is a joy to ride.

Beau & Cisco

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